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Aeromedical Evacuation / Air Ambulance Services in support of UN Operations. Defence & Security, Transport & Logistics Aeromedical Evacuation / Air Ambulance Services in support of UN Operations.
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Aeromedical Evacuation / Air Ambulance Services in support of UN Operations.

United Nations Capital Development Fund has announced on 01 Jun 2021 that is accepting bids for the following project: Aeromedical Evacuation / Air Ambulance Services in support of UN Operations..

The tender will take place in Costa Rica and will cover the Defence & Security industry.

The value of this project has not been disclosed by the donor and you can apply until Deadline date

After the deadline, Global Database will announce the contract award for Aeromedical Evacuation / Air Ambulance Services in support of UN Operations.. In order to stay up-to-date with this tender and also to receive daily notifications about similar projects, you can subscribe to our newsletter for free.

Bellow you can find more information about the tender description and the bidding procedure.

Location: Costa Rica, Eritrea, Cambodia, Turkey, Chad, Cyprus, Côte d'Ivoire, Samoa, Slovenia, Cayman Islands and other 167 countries

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United Nations Capital Development Fund


Defence & Security

Transport & Logistics


Accepting bids



01 Jun 2021


31 Dec 2021


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Preliminary note: This Request for Information (RFI) is a general outreach initiative and is not related to a specific requirement or upcoming procurement exercise. The purpose of this RFI is to inform interested air operators and new prospective vendors about the UN's anticipated continued demand for air ambulance / aeromedical evacuation services and potential business opportunities. In addition, the UN Procurement Division (UNPD) is seeking to engage with interested air operators who have experience and capacity to provide the services in order to provide information about doing business with the UN and to encourage registration as a UN Air Operator Vendor. The UN may have upcoming requirements to establish contractual arrangements with an Air Operator(s) who has the capacity to provide aeromedical evacuation / air ambulance services for Covid-19 patients, in support of UN offices located in various regions. The UN may seek to establish an arrangement either on a standby (non-exclusive) basis or potentially on dedicated basis with 24/7 guaranteed availability for UN tasking. The location of the Main Operations Base of the aircraft(s) shall be specified under a particular procurement activity or market outreach initiative, however, in general the UN is seeking interested Air Operators with interest and capacity to provide the services within the following regions. The evacuation destination and receiving hospitals shall be specified under a particular tasking ordered under an established contract. The aircraft(s) should be able to fly, with short notices primarily within the region of its Main Operating Base, or potentially across neighboring regions: Region 1: Central and South America; Region 2: Europe; Region 3: West and East Africa; Region 4: The Middle East; and Region 5: South, South East Asia and Oceania. Air Operators who have the interest and capacity to provide such services are requested to complete and return the attached questionnaire. OVERVIEW OF THE POTENTIAL SCOPE OF SERVICES: The air transportation services required shall be mainly aeromedical / casualty evacuation (MEDEVAC/CASEVAC), including COVID-19 patients. The Air Ambulance Operator must have capabilities to: i) perform Covid-19 evacuations; and ii) provide the complete solution comprising the aircraft, aircrew, medical supplies and medical personnel to support the operations. The UN may require 24/7 guaranteed availability of the service. The Air Ambulance Operator must be able to provide the following services: -Passenger Carriage, Air Ambulance services, Medevac in support of the United Nations. The Aircraft must be appropriately equipped with Air ambulance operations (medical supplies and personnel). Medical supplies shall include all equipment, consumables, and pharmaceuticals. The operator will perform Air ambulance services for the UN to medical facilities in near by locations as designated by the UN. -Pax/VIP or Medevac services, or the combination of both services, supporting the above on behalf of the UN. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: • Multi Engine Light/Medium Jet or high speed Light/Medium Turbo Prop Fixed Wing Aircraft • Trained, Type Rated and licensed Flight Crew including AMET team. * RVSM capable (Aircraft/Crew), if applicable * High altitude, Hot weather and Heavy operations capable • Aircraft capable of day/night VFR and IFR (all weather operations). • All dangerous goods transported by air (medical supplies) must be carried in compliance with ICAO Doc 9284, if applicable. • The Air Operators are required to be self-sufficient when tasked outside the country. Air Operators are required to have the back office capability to secure and pay for their own over-flight and landing permits, ground handling, Jet-A1 fuel and crew accommodation, meals and transportation and any other operational costs. * No Safety concerns from ICAO or EU on the Air Operators or relevant Civil Aviation authorities granting AOC. Flights may be required at any time, day or night, IFR/VFR on any day, but tasking will be scheduled within crew duty-day rules established by the State of the Air Operator. Capable air operators who are not yet registered with the UN, but who are desirous to provide the services, are encouraged to apply for registration on the roster of pre-qualified UN Air Operator Vendors, which is a pre-requisite to participate in future tender exercises for air charter services. The registration process comprises a two-part evaluation on: (i) technical/operational capacity and (ii) corporate/financial capacity. Applicants shall take note that for this category of procurement, the UN may only enter into a contract directly with air operators (AOC holders) and not brokers/agents. For more information on eligibility and how to register as a UN Air Operator, please visit our website at and 0, respectively. New vendors will need to complete their registration at Level 2 and as Air Operators with the UN in order to be considered for a contract award. Correspondence regarding this REOI may be sent to the abovementioned focal point on the Aviation Team of the UN Procurement Division at: Correspondence regarding vendor registration should be sent to the Enabling and Outreach Service:

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