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Belize FCPF REDD Readiness Preparation Paper, Wood & Furniture Belize FCPF REDD Readiness Preparation
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Belize FCPF REDD Readiness Preparation

Location: Belize

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Paper, Wood & Furniture


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31 Dec 2023


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Maja Murisic


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{'id': 'P152415', 'regionname': 'Latin America and Caribbean', 'regionname_ES': 'América Latina y el Caribe', 'regionname_FRE': 'Amérique latine et Caraïbes', 'regionname_ARA': 'أمريكا اللاتينية والبحر الكاريبي', 'regionname_RUS': 'Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна', 'regionname_CHI': '拉丁美洲与加勒比海区', 'countryname': ['Belize'], 'countryname_ES': 'Belice', 'countryname_FRE': 'Belize', 'countryname_ARA': 'بليز', 'countryname_RUS': 'Белиз', 'countryname_CHI': '伯利茲', 'countryname_POR': 'Belize', 'countryname_mdk': '82655', 'prodline': 'RE', 'lendinginstr': 'Investment Project Financing', 'lendinginstrcode': 'IPF', 'lendinginstrtype': 'IN', 'lendinginstrtype_mdk': '639291', 'envassesmentcategorycode': 'B', 'supplementprojectflg': 'N', 'productlinetype': 'L', 'projectstatusdisplay': 'Pipeline', 'status': 'Pipeline', 'status_ES': 'Propuesto', 'status_FRE': 'Proposé', 'status_ARA': 'قيد الإعداد', 'status_RUS': 'В стадии разработки', 'status_CHI': '准备中的项目', 'pidrecdbwind': 'Y', 'project_name': 'Belize FCPF REDD Readiness Preparation', 'board_approval_month': 'December', 'board_approval_year': '2023', 'approvalfy': '2024', 'boardapprovaldate': '2023-12-31T00:00:00Z', 'lendprojectcost': '4,080,000', 'ibrdcommamt': '0', 'idacommamt': '0', 'totalamt': '0', 'grantamt': '3,800,000', 'teammemfullname': ['Murisic, Maja'], 'sectorlist': {'Name': 'SECTOR1', 'Percent': 0}, 'themelist': {'Name': 'THEME1', 'Percent': 0}, 'goal1name': 'Millennium Development Goals|Global Public Goods Priorities', 'goal': ['Millennium Development Goals|Global Public Goods Priorities', 'MDG|GPG'], 'goal1': 'MDG|GPG', 'access_level': 'EXTERNAL', 'countrycode': ['BZ'], 'countryshortname': 'Belize', 'countryshortname_exact': 'Belize', 'countryshortname_ES': 'Belice', 'countryshortname_FRE': 'Belize', 'countryshortname_ARA': 'بليز', 'countryshortname_RUS': 'Белиз', 'countryshortname_CHI': '伯利茲', 'countryshortname_POR': 'Belize', 'loanid': ['18492'], 'prodlinetext': 'Recipient Executed Activities', 'prodlinetext_mdk': '904549', 'keywords': {'cdata': 'economic and financial analysis; environment and sustainable development; procurement process; Investment Project Financing; national forest; Reducing Emissions from Deforestation; land use change; emission level; technical expert; grievance redress mechanism; land tenure studies; indigenous people; Indigenous Peoples; continuous capacity building; suspension of disbursement; Objectives and Outcomes; capacity for implementation; payment transaction; benefit sharing; sample plot; stakeholder engagement; climate objectives; communication strategy; risk category; forest degradation; extension period; awareness raising; support cost; assessment study; project costing; satisfactory manner; extensive consultation; procurement aspects; new contract; stakeholder consultation; collaborative approach; project approval; financial reporting; national stakeholder; mid-term evaluation; field work; emission factor; subsequent activities; Natural Resources; Blue Economy; carbon offset; financing instrument; disbursement rate'}, 'mjthemelist': {'Name': 'MJTHEME1', 'Percent': 0}, 'project_abstract': {'cdata': 'The objective of the FCPF Redd Readiness Preparation Project is to assist Belize in carrying out Readiness Preparation through a participatory and inclusive process in order to strengthen their capacity to participate in future REDD+ carbon payment transactions. The Project faced a number of challenges at the beginning of its implementation, including generally low levels of understanding of REDD+ among the stakeholders, delayed project approval and initiation of activities, gaps in project management and oversight, and initially insufficient stakeholder engagement and participation. In addition, these delays have been exacerbated by lengthy procurement processes and, most recently, additional restrictions and challenges posted by COVID-19 (in particular as they relate to an inability to conduct in-person stakeholder consultations and award new contracts under the Project). However, most of these challenges have been overcome and concrete measures have been put in place to ensure that related risks are mitigated. They include staffing of the REDD+ CU, establishment of the mechanism to facilitate stakeholder engagement with indigenous peoples, and continuous capacity building and support related to procurement aspects of the project, among others. With these measures in place, the implementation of planned activities is accelerating. However, given already experienced delays, it is not feasible to complete some activities and in particular SESA, land tenure assessment and benefit sharing plan before the original closing date (December 31, 2020). Given that these activities will provide critical inputs for development and finalization of the REDD+ Strategy for the Project to be successfully implemented and completed, the extension of the Project closing date by 12 months and related changes to the implementation schedule is being sought, as also requested by the Governm'}, 'themecode': '81', 'sectorcode': 'AT', 'mjthemecode': '11,4', 'fiscalyear': '0', 'teamleadname': 'Maja Murisic', 'team_lead_details': ['000371036$Maja Murisic$'], 'project_gp_info': 'ENVP', 'p2a_flag': 'Y', 'p2a_updated_date': '2020-12-14 00:00:00.0', 'mainloan': 'N/A', 'countryhomepageurl': '', 'regionhomepageurl': '', 'theme_list': [{'name': 'Environment and Natural Resource Management', 'code': '80', 'seqno': '1', 'percent': '100', 'theme2': [{'name': 'Climate change', 'code': '81', 'seqno': '2', 'percent': '100', 'theme3': [{'name': 'Mitigation', 'code': '811', 'seqno': '3', 'percent': '100'}]}]}], 'rel_loan_ids': ['TF18492'], 'ln_country_id': ['BZ'], 'ln_country_id_exact': ['BZ'], 'countryid': ['BZ'], 'countryid_exact': ['BZ'], 'ln_country_id_desc': ['Belize'], 'ln_country_id_desc_exact': ['Belize'], 'countryiddesc': ['Belize'], 'countryiddesc_exact': ['Belize'], 'proj_and_ln_country': ['BZ'], 'proj_and_ln_country_exact': ['BZ'], 'pdo': 'The Project Development Objective is to assist Belize in carrying out Readiness Preparation through a participatory and inclusive pr ocess in order to strengthen their capacity to participate in future REDD+ carbon payment transactions.', 'borrower': 'Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce', 'impagency': 'Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development', 'proj_last_upd_date': '2021-02-24T00:00:00Z', 'country_namecode': 'Belize!$!BZ', 'projectinfo': 'ARبليز –الاستعداد والتأهب لمبادرة خفض الانبعاثات الناجمة عن إزالة الغابات وتدهورها من صندوق الشراكة للحد من انبعاثات كربون الغاباتESPreparación para REDD del Fondo Cooperativo para el Carbono de los Bosques en BeliceFRBelize\xa0: préparation au titre du FCPF et de l’initiative REDD PRBelize: Preparação para o REDD do FCPFRSБелиз: обеспечение готовности к реализации проекта REDD в рамках FCPFZH伯利兹:森林碳伙伴基金(FCPF)减排(REDD)准备活动筹备]]>', 'sector': [{'Name': 'Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'sector1': {'Name': 'Forestry', 'Percent': 100}, 'sector_namecode': [{'name': 'Forestry', 'code': 'AT'}], 'mjsector': [{'Name': 'Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'mjsector_namecode': [{'name': 'Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'theme1': {'Name': 'Climate change', 'Percent': 100}, 'theme_namecode': [{'name': 'Climate change', 'code': '81'}], 'mjtheme_namecode': [{'name': 'Environment and natural resources management', 'code': '11'}, {'name': '', 'code': '4'}], 'url': '', 'source': ['IBRD'], 'lendinginstrumenttypename': 'Investment', 'productlinetypename': 'LENDING PRODUCT', 'region_code': '7', 'regionabbr': 'LCR', 'regionlongname': 'Latin America and Caribbean', 'regionlongname_exact': 'Latin America and Caribbean', 'ibrd_cmt_usd_amt': '0.00', 'ibrd_cmt_usd_amt_mil': '0.00', 'ida_cmt_usd_amt': '0.00', 'ida_cmt_usd_amt_mil': '0.00', 'ibrd_ida_commits': '0.00', 'ibrd_ida_commits_mil': '0.00', 'grant_usd_amt': '3800000.00', 'grant_usd_amt_mil': '3.80', 'cmt_usd_amt': '3800000.00', 'cmt_usd_amt_mil': '3.80', 'implementingname': 'MINISTRY OF FORESTRY, FISHERIES, AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT', 'projectcost': '4083000.00', 'borrowername': 'BELIZE', 'projectid': 'P152415', 'prodcode': 'RE', 'statusdate': '1900-01-01T00:00:00Z', 'laststatusdate': '1900-01-01T00:00:00Z', 'overall_templatecode': ['NIL'], 'overall_templatename': ['NIL'], 'overall_prevrating': ['NIL'], 'overall_currentrating': ['NIL'], 'overall_comments': ['NIL'], 'performance_templatecode': ['NIL'], 'performance_templatename': ['NIL'], 'performance_prevrating': ['NIL'], 'performance_currentrating': ['NIL'], 'performance_comments': ['NIL'], 'completion_riskdo': ['NIL'], 'evaluation_riskdo': ['NIL'], 'mequality': ['NIL'], 'totalcommamt': '3,800,000', 'totalcommamt_srt': '3.8', 'indextype': 'extprojdetails', 'timestamp': '2021-05-05T01:03:17.198Z', '_version_': '1698879558031245312'}

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