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deleted - Low latency internet over satellite services Defence & Security, Information Technology deleted - Low latency internet over satellite services
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deleted - Low latency internet over satellite services

deleted - Low latency internet over satellite services has been closed on 30 Apr 2021. It no longer accepts any bids. For further information, you can contact the United Nations Capital Development Fund

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Location: Costa Rica, Eritrea, Cambodia, Turkey, Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, Cyprus, Samoa, Slovenia, Cayman Islands and other 167 countries

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United Nations Capital Development Fund


Defence & Security

Information Technology





30 Apr 2021


30 Apr 2021


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This RFI seeks to identify market capabilities for internet services in the Low and Medium Earth orbits, providing low latency communications. Low latency is defined, for the purpose of this RFI, at less than 300 milliseconds end-to-end round-trip latency. The information collected through this RFI will be used for a future tender that may include this type of services, if the market is mature and there is reasonable competition. This RFI focuses on low latency services; geostationary services are already very mature and will be included in the future tender but are not part of this RFI. Responders should clearly state: 1) What technology they are proposing, and weather is their own system or are resellers of some existing or soon to be available service. 2) Current areas of coverage. 3) If the network is not yet fully functional, provide your deployment plan with timeline to areas where the United Nations needs these services the most. The Organization major consumers of internet over satellite are our Peacekeeping missions in Africa. A list with locations is available at: 4) Capability or plans with timelines for small transportable terminals and vehicle mounted terminals. 5) Describe basic technical capabilities: a. Round trip latency b. Downlink/Uplink standard capacity(ies) c. Antenna sizes and number of antennas necessary for continuous services (as per SLA) d. Proposed SLA uptime. 6) Ability to provide direct route from the provider hub to major providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc. We emphasize this is a request for information. Answering the RFI is not necessary to participate in future tenders but will facilitate UN understanding of the market, ensuring a successful future solicitation.

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