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Individual Consultancy for Development of a Structured Business Acceleration Package Consulting Individual Consultancy for Development of a Structured Business Acceleration Package
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Individual Consultancy for Development of a Structured Business Acceleration Package

Individual Consultancy for Development of a Structured Business Acceleration Package has been closed on 09 Jul 2019. It no longer accepts any bids. For further information, you can contact the United Nations Development Programme

Bellow, you can find more information about this project: 

Location: Jamaica

General information


United Nations Development Programme







22 Jun 2019


09 Jul 2019


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Overview :

Project Title:    UNDP/BPPS/ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme

Post Level: National / International Consultant

Type of Consultancy: Individual Consultancy for Development of a Structured Business Acceleration Package

Expected start dateJuly 24, 2019

Period of assignment/services: 35 Working Days



The ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme is a three-year €13.1 million capacity building program that aims to build the profile, and improve the management, of Development Minerals (industrial minerals; construction materials; dimension stones; and semi-precious stones). The Programme is contributing toward the ACP Framework of Action on the Development of Mineral Resources Sector, endorsed by the ACP Committee of Ambassadors in 2011, the African Mining Vision (AMV), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative also aims at supporting the development of a competitive local private sector in ACP countries, in line with Strategic Framework for ACP Private Sector Development; and the ACP-EU Joint Cooperation Framework for Private Sector Development. This intra-ACP program was initiated by the ACP Secretariat, financed by the European Commission and UNDP, and is being implemented by UNDP at the request of ACP Group of States.

Development Minerals are minerals and materials that are mined, processed, manufactured and used domestically in industries such as construction, manufacturing, infrastructure and agriculture. Development Minerals are crucial for domestic development and structural transformation and they include industrial minerals, like gypsum and salt; construction materials, like sand and gravel; dimension stones, like marble and granite; and semi-precious stones, like garnet and tourmaline. Development Minerals are non-metallic and non-energy minerals, and therefore they have a different risk profile to that which is common to the remainder of the mining sector. For instance, their production and use for, and in, the domestic market means that they are not subject to international commodity prices and cyclical slumps.  In comparison to the metals sector, Development Minerals have closer links with the local economy, and have the potential to generate more local jobs, with a greater impact on poverty reduction. This is partly because the sector is dominated by artisanal, small and medium scale domestic businesses. It is noteworthy that at the artisanal level, the sector is dominated by informal operators. This is because most legal and policy frameworks are typically poorly developed and difficult to navigate. Artisanal miners, therefore, may not have recognized mineral tenure or formal businesses entities.

Programme implementation

The ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme is focused on developing the capacity of the small-scale private sector by targeting individual miners, their professional associations, and the public institutions that support them. The programme is under implementation at both regional and country levels. Regional level activities such as training involve forty-one (41) countries from the 6 ACP regions; while in-depth support at country level is provided for 6 countries namely: Cameroon, Fiji, Guinea (Conakry), Jamaica, Uganda and Zambia. Training and support is provided in the following thematic areas of importance to the sector: 1) mine and quarry management; 2) environment, health and safety; 3) entrepreneurship skills; 4) market analysis and investment promotion; 5) geo-data and maps design; 6) community relations and addressing grievances.

The independent mid-term evaluation (MTE) carried out in 2018 concluded that: “Overall, the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme has recorded a high level of achievement and brought understanding of a neglected sector and its potential to a more central space for policy dialogues. In this regard it has been a truly ‘strategic’ project and all stakeholders should be commended.”

The MTE found the programme to be “highly relevant” to ACP and EU private sector frameworks, such as the ACP-EU Joint Cooperation Framework on Private Sector Development in ACP Countries, and “highly consistent with the vision and goals of the Africa Mining Vision.” According to the MTE, “The Programme [has] had a significant positive impact in the ACP region…demonstrating strong performance in achieving the target outcomes.” It has “provided a valuable laboratory in which learning can be distilled from a number of the activities carried out.” The MTE specifically noted the “sheer scale of reach the Programme has achieved” and highlighted that the “Programme Management Team that has been able to manage an impressive range of activities across the Focus Countries and the Participating Countries, with significant reach across a wide range of stakeholders from the Development Minerals Sector.”

The MTE recommended that a successor programme further refine support and extension services to cooperatives and sharpen business acceleration. The MTE commended the “increased focus on supporting cooperative formalization and informal workers” in Phase I and recommended “a significant acceleration” of the upscaling of local quarry workers in Phase II.

In view of the above, the Programme is seeking to facilitate the development of a Structured Business Acceleration Package as part of a comprehensive country-specific strategy for the Development Minerals sector that capitalizes on lessons learnt during Phase I as well as recommendations on the way forward for Phase II of the Programme. 

Purpose of Consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to develop a Structured Business Acceleration Package for artisanal and small-scale mining enterprises (ASMEs) operating in the Development Minerals sector. This will be informed by the results of programme implementation in Phase I where capacity building of the ASMEs was undertaken on themes such as enterprise skills, market analysis, investment promotion and value-addition of Development Minerals.

Building on the foundation laid in Phase I of the programme, a Structured Business Acceleration Package could involve an initial formalization stage, a structuring and support stage and a business support and acceleration/development stage. This support system could cover the key needs of the ASMEs, companies, cooperatives and workers in the sector, including: management and operations support (strategy, business plan, staff); compliance support (for environmental and social safeguards); financing and investment support; capital equipment purchase/rental support; market support (linkage to local, regional and international markets). Other ancillary support areas could include research and innovation support as well as support for (appropriate) technology transfer.

A component on financing and investment facilitation is also envisaged. The wider ecosystem to support the above business and acceleration support will be important and will require in each country, the identification of relevant financing and investment providers that can become national (and in some cases regional) partners. This financing and investment facilitation component needs to target both national/regional ACP financing institutions; EU blending facilities and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in general.

This consultancy will therefore review the results of Phase I of programme implementation, specifically looking at the enterprise and business development component, and propose a Structured Business Acceleration Package that will be replicated and expanded in the second phase of the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme.

The objective of the consultancy is to:

1.            Design and implement a stakeholder-led process to develop a country-specific Business Acceleration Package for the artisanal and small-scale mining enterprises (ASME) of Development Minerals informed by relevant policy and regulatory frameworks for mineral sector development, the Sustainable Development Goals and Phase I Programme experience.  

2.            Conceptualize and develop a Structured Business Acceleration Package for ASMEs in the Development Minerals sector.

3.            Contribute to the creation of an integrated country-specific strategy towards a formalized and streamlined Development Minerals sector.

Specifically, this consultancy will focus on the: (1) Assessment of results, achievements, lessons learnt in enterprise and business development capacity building (2) Forward-looking analysis of lessons learnt and best practices on Structured Business Acceleration Processes, globally, to inform future programming for the Development Minerals sector, (3) Development of a Structured Business Acceleration Package for ASMEs in the Development Minerals sector to be implemented in the second phase of the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme.

Scope of Work:

Please review the TOR for the detailed Scope of Works.

Application Procedure:

Proposals should be submitted through the online e-Tendering system  (search for Jam10 Event ID: 0000003928) as per the deadline indicated in the system itself. Detailed user guide on how to register in the system can be accessed using the following link:-

Any request for clarification must be sent in writing, or by standard electronic communication to UNDP will provide responses by uploading them in the system.


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