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St. Pierre Bank (3Ps) Summer Sea cucumber ROV Survey (30000598) Food St. Pierre Bank (3Ps) Summer Sea cucumber ROV Survey (30000598)
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St. Pierre Bank (3Ps) Summer Sea cucumber ROV Survey (30000598)

Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) has announced on 22 Jul 2021 that is accepting bids for the following project: St. Pierre Bank (3Ps) Summer Sea cucumber ROV Survey (30000598).

The tender will take place in Canada and will cover the Food industry.

The value of this project has not been disclosed by the donor and you can apply until Deadline date

After the deadline, Global Database will announce the contract award for St. Pierre Bank (3Ps) Summer Sea cucumber ROV Survey (30000598). In order to stay up-to-date with this tender and also to receive daily notifications about similar projects, you can subscribe to our newsletter for free.

Bellow you can find more information about the tender description and the bidding procedure.

Location: Canada

General information


Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)




Accepting bids



22 Jul 2021


06 Aug 2021


Not available



Peters, Michael


Not available


Not available


The survey will involve steaming to predetermined offshore locations within the two sea cucumber fishing areas and deploy the ROV. The ROV will be deployed on the bow of the ship and will move ahead, followed by the vessel. The ROV will reach the seafloor and then follow predetermined transects, recording video and collecting samples along the way. As such, the vessel must be able to hold position and/or slowly follow the ROV throughout the entirety of the ROV’s transects.

Prior to the start of the survey one or two DFO technicians will meet the vessel at a predetermined location to conduct a survey of the vessel including inspections of all gear, machinery, electrical and electronic systems, accommodations, working spaces, and any related equipment. Equipment and/or conditions deemed unsatisfactory must be rectified by owner prior to commencement of the survey or the contract will be cancelled.

One to two full work days prior to the start of the survey will be required to install and test the deployment of the ROV equipment aboard the vessel, during which time some transects may be completed nearshore. These days will be paid at the agreed upon survey day rate. Days between this installation and deployment and the start of the actual survey, if there are any, will not be paid.

The 2021 survey will be conducted after contract award through to August 31st, 2021 for 10 consecutive days (preferably August 11th to 20th, 2021). DFO technicians will be onboard the vessel to conduct the survey. The survey will be considered completed once all planned locations have been surveyed or the maximum number of sampling days has been reached.

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