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TA-9541 REG: Supporting Environmental Safeguards in the Central and West Asia Region in Tajikistan (52099-001) TA-9541 REG: Supporting Environmental Safeguards in the Central and West Asia Region in Tajikistan (52099-001)
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TA-9541 REG: Supporting Environmental Safeguards in the Central and West Asia Region in Tajikistan (52099-001)

TA-9541 REG: Supporting Environmental Safeguards in the Central and West Asia Region in Tajikistan (52099-001) has been closed on 14 Feb 2022. It no longer accepts any bids. For further information, you can contact the Asian Development Bank

Bellow, you can find more information about this project: 

Location: Tajikistan

General information


Asian Development Bank


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08 Feb 2022


14 Feb 2022





Kyoko Uematsu

The consultant will assist the implementation of the technical assistance (TA) in Tajikistan.
As guided by the CWRD Portfolio, Results, Safeguards, and Gender Unit (CWOD-PSG), the international 
environmental consultant will support the executing and implementing agencies (EAs/IAs) in improving and 
maintaining compliance with ADB Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) 2009 during project preparation and 
implementation. The consultant will assist the Developing Member Countries (DMCs) to ensure that 
projects safeguard documents meet SPS 2009 requirements and its updates.
The tasks assigned to the consultant are as follows:
(i)	During project preparation
(a)	Work with EAs/IAs in identifying environmental issues ensuring that projects are scoped and screened 
properly, baseline detail collected correctly, impact assessments use correct standards and are 
appropriate to the scale of the project, and impacts can be avoided as far as possible.
(b)	Assist EAs/IAs in preparing terms of reference and, if necessary, identify suitable experts to 
mobilize in the project to prepare specific reports on biodiversity, physical cultural resources, health 
and safety or other technical expertise as may be required in the project.
(c)	Conduct workshops and on the Job Training and capacity building on IEE and EIA preparation as needed.
(d)	Assist EA/IAs in ensuring that their environmental safeguards documents such as Environmental Impact 
Assessment (EIA) report, Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) report, Environmental Assessment and 
Review Framework (EARF), meet the requirements of ADB's SPS 2009 and its updates and national 
regulation. For this purpose, the consultant may be required, but not limited to, conduct site visits; 
work with EAs/IAs and other consultants in identifying environmental issues and addressing ADB comments; 
participate in public consultation; help EA/IAs in liaising with national environmental authorities for 
obtaining necessary environmental permits and approval.
(e)	Help EAs/IAs in addressing ADB comments within the review process.
(f)	Assist EA/IAs in liaising with national authorities for environmental approvals and permits and 
ensure that all projects are in compliance with national legislation and ADB requirements.
(g)	Provide training for key personnel in EA/IA’s who can continue to provide internal training without 
support from ADB using a “train the trainer” approach.
(h)	Work closely with ADB environmental specialists/officers to provide safeguard inputs for project 
appraisal documents such as Reports and Recommendations of the President (RRP), Project Finance 
Requests, Project and Facility Administration Manuals, Loan and Grant Agreements, and other documents.
(ii)	During project implementation
(a)	Assist EA/IAs in establishing and implementing projects’ Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) and 
advise solutions for handling complaints. Keep ADB project team informed and aid ADB team in complaint 
resolution in a problem solving capacity and timely manner.
(b)	Assist EA/IAs in supervising and monitoring Environmental Management Plan (EMP) implementation, 
supervising project consultants and contractors
(c)	Work with EAs/IA’s, projects supervision consultants and contractors in identifying environmental 
issues and solutions.
(d)	Participate in ADB missions and provide report on findings and recommendations. 
(e)	Conduct missions and/or site visits as needed to identify any compliance issues and work with EA/IA’
s to find solutions.
(f)	Review bid documents and/or project environmental safeguard documents such as but not limited to 
EIA, IEE, EARF, environmental due diligence, environmental monitoring and post-construction reports, 
project completion reports (PCRs) and other relevant reports, as needed, for quality assurance, find 
gaps, and report to ADB environmental specialists/officers on urgent actions to be taken.
(g)	Identify key knowledge gaps in EA/IAs and conduct hands-on and targeted training for EAs/IAs (by 
using training materials provided by international environmental consultant), project consultants and 
contractors in safeguard implementation, and prepare report on proceedings and pre-/post workshop 
findings and recommendations. Where certain materials are not available in the training kit, the 
consultant will develop them as needed.
(h)	Recommend a way forward (a) to further institutionalize environmental, occupational health and 
safety international standards such as but not limited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, 
etc., (b) for Integration of environment, health, safety and quality management systems, and (c) to 
suggest further trainings to the EAs/IAs, project consultants and contractors to match the institutional 
capacity requirements.
(iii)	Others
(a)	Contribute to CWOD-PSG periodic safeguard monitoring reports and databases.
(b)	Prepare knowledge products such as but not limited to Guidance Notes and Best Practice Case Study 
Examples of successfully implemented projects based on field findings and documents reviews.
(c)	Carry out other safeguard related tasks as assigned by the country focal environmental specialist.
(d)	Prepare monthly progress reports, which summarizes the works done in the past month and works to be 
done in the next month and submit to CWOD-PSG country focal environmental specialist.
(e)	Assist the TA manager in preparation of TA completion report.
(f)	The consultant may be required to provide short-term and ad-hoc service to other countries in the 
Central and West Asia region, if there is a need.
Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science or other related 
specialized fields. The consultant should have at least 8 years applied experience in environmental 
safeguards design, management, and implementation. The consultant must have excellent communication 
skills in English (both written and oral). 

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