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Thailand FCPF Readiness Preparation Project Paper, Wood & Furniture Thailand FCPF Readiness Preparation Project
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Thailand FCPF Readiness Preparation Project

Location: Thailand

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Paper, Wood & Furniture


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31 Dec 2023


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Lan Thi Thu Nguyen


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{'id': 'P130115', 'regionname': 'East Asia and Pacific', 'regionname_ES': 'Asia oriental y el Pacífico', 'regionname_FRE': "Asie de l'Est et Pacifique ", 'regionname_ARA': 'شرق آسيا والمحيط الهادئ', 'regionname_RUS': 'Восточная Азия и Тихоокеанский регион', 'regionname_CHI': '东亚与太平洋区', 'countryname': ['Kingdom of Thailand'], 'countryname_mdk': '82572', 'prodline': 'RE', 'lendinginstr': 'Investment Project Financing', 'lendinginstrcode': 'IPF', 'lendinginstrtype': 'IN', 'lendinginstrtype_mdk': '639291', 'envassesmentcategorycode': 'B', 'supplementprojectflg': 'N', 'productlinetype': 'L', 'projectstatusdisplay': 'Pipeline', 'status': 'Pipeline', 'status_ES': 'Propuesto', 'status_FRE': 'Proposé', 'status_ARA': 'قيد الإعداد', 'status_RUS': 'В стадии разработки', 'status_CHI': '准备中的项目', 'pidrecdbwind': 'Y', 'secboardcode': 'ENV', 'secboardcode_mdk': '647637', 'project_name': 'Thailand FCPF Readiness Preparation Project', 'board_approval_month': 'December', 'board_approval_year': '2023', 'approvalfy': '2024', 'boardapprovaldate': '2023-12-31T00:00:00Z', 'lendprojectcost': '3,980,000', 'ibrdcommamt': '0', 'idacommamt': '0', 'totalamt': '0', 'grantamt': '3,600,000', 'teammemfullname': ['Nguyen, Lan Thi Thu'], 'sectorlist': {'Name': 'SECTOR1', 'Percent': 0}, 'themelist': {'Name': 'THEME1', 'Percent': 0}, 'goal1name': 'Millennium Development Goals|Global Public Goods Priorities', 'goal': ['Millennium Development Goals|Global Public Goods Priorities', 'MDG|GPG'], 'goal1': 'MDG|GPG', 'access_level': 'EXTERNAL', 'countrycode': ['TH'], 'countryshortname': 'Thailand', 'countryshortname_exact': 'Thailand', 'countryshortname_ES': 'Tailandia', 'countryshortname_FRE': 'Thaïlande', 'countryshortname_ARA': 'تايلند', 'countryshortname_RUS': 'Тайланд', 'countryshortname_CHI': '泰国', 'countryshortname_POR': 'Tailândia', 'loanid': ['A0984'], 'prodlinetext': 'Recipient Executed Activities', 'prodlinetext_mdk': '904549', 'keywords': {'cdata': 'Environmental and Social Management Framework;Environmental and Social Impact Assessment;emissions from land use change;forest degradation;deforestation;infrastructure sub sector;Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry;governance and public sector;land tenure reform;impact of climate change;sustainable use of forest;response to climate change;action on climate change;sustainable management of forest;natural forest;social and environmental;benefit sharing;climate change issue;Natural Resource Management;Science and Technology;climate change mitigation;loss of carbon;national forest inventory;education and health;facility management;destruction of forest;lines of communication;forest law enforcement;mixed deciduous forest;development of infrastructure;national climate change;state forest land;flora and fauna;climate change strategy;power transmission line;climate change impact;land tenure issues;access to information;forest carbon stock;forest land cover;participatory consultation process;return on investment;global climate change;capacity for implementation;number of stakeholders;financial management arrangement;rising sea levels;loss of forest;private sector stakeholder;natural resource sector;greenhouse gas emission;inequality in income;Climate Change Policy;emissions from deforestation;chain of custody;safeguard policy;public knowledge;forest sector;Safeguard Policies;Natural Resources;forest type;Ethnic Minorities;communication strategy;grievance mechanism;small area;reference l'}, 'mjthemelist': {'Name': 'MJTHEME1', 'Percent': 0}, 'project_abstract': {'cdata': 'The development objective of Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Reduce Carbon Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) Readiness Project for Thailand is to support the development of the Readiness Preparation Activities . This will be achieved by supporting the preparation of its REDD+ strategy, the design of a national Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system, and by producing technical work and policy advice. This project has four components. 1) The firs component, Readiness Organization and Consultation, aims to tackle complex issues where either technical depth or broad participation is required from multiple sectors to provide a coordinated approach to REDD+. It has the following subcomponents: (a) National Readiness Management Arrangements ; and (b) Participation and Consultation Process. 2) The second component, REDD+ Strategy preparation, will ensure that the elements of social and environmental sustainability are firmly embedded in the technical proposals for proposed REDD+ activities. It has the following three subcomponents: (a) Land Use, Drivers of Land Use Change, Forest Law, Policy and Governance; (b) REDD+ Strategy options; and (c) Social and Environmental Sustainability/Grievance Mechanism. 3) The third component, Forest Monitoring and Emissions, will put in place a robust monitoring system for REDD+ including the design of the approach and development of the Reference Emission Level/Reference Level (REL/RL). It has two subcomponents as follows: (a) Reference Emissions Level; and (b) Forest Monitoring. 4) The fourth component, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, would cover the project management, financial and procurement monitoring, project monitoring and coordination of the operation.'}, 'themecode': '81', 'sectorcode': 'AT', 'mjthemecode': '11,11', 'fiscalyear': '0', 'teamleadname': 'Lan Thi Thu Nguyen', 'team_lead_details': ['000186457$Lan Thi Thu Nguyen$'], 'project_gp_info': 'ENVP', 'p2a_flag': 'Y', 'p2a_updated_date': '2020-12-14 00:00:00.0', 'mainloan': 'N/A', 'countryhomepageurl': '', 'regionhomepageurl': '', 'theme_list': [{'name': 'Environment and Natural Resource Management', 'code': '80', 'seqno': '1', 'percent': '100', 'theme2': [{'name': 'Climate change', 'code': '81', 'seqno': '2', 'percent': '100', 'theme3': [{'name': 'Mitigation', 'code': '811', 'seqno': '3', 'percent': '100'}]}]}], 'rel_loan_ids': ['TFA0984'], 'ln_country_id': ['TH'], 'ln_country_id_exact': ['TH'], 'countryid': ['TH'], 'countryid_exact': ['TH'], 'ln_country_id_desc': ['Thailand'], 'ln_country_id_desc_exact': ['Thailand'], 'countryiddesc': ['Thailand'], 'countryiddesc_exact': ['Thailand'], 'proj_and_ln_country': ['TH'], 'proj_and_ln_country_exact': ['TH'], 'pdo': 'The Project Development Objective is to support the development of the Readiness Preparation Activities . This will be achieved by supporting the preparation of its REDD+ strategy, the design of a national MRV system, and by producing technical work and policy ad vice.', 'borrower': 'Ministry of Finance', 'impagency': 'Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation', 'proj_last_upd_date': '2021-04-19T00:00:00Z', 'country_namecode': 'Kingdom of Thailand!$!TH', 'projectinfo': 'ARتايلند - مشروع الاستعداد والمبادرة للمبادرة المعزَّزة لخفض الانبعاثات الناجمة عن إزالة الغابات من صندوق الشراكة للحد من انبعاثات كربون الغاباتESProyecto de Preparación del Fondo Cooperativo para el Carbono de los Bosques en TailandiaFRThaïlande\xa0: projet de préparation au titre du FCPF PRTailânida: Projeto de Preparação para Capacitação do FCPFRSТаиланд: Проект обеспечения готовности в рамках FCPFZH泰国:森林碳伙伴基金(FCPF)准备项目]]>', 'sector': [{'Name': 'Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'sector1': {'Name': 'Forestry', 'Percent': 100}, 'sector_namecode': [{'name': 'Forestry', 'code': 'AT'}], 'mjsector': [{'Name': 'Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'mjsector_namecode': [{'name': 'Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'theme1': {'Name': 'Climate change', 'Percent': 100}, 'theme_namecode': [{'name': 'Climate change', 'code': '81'}], 'mjtheme_namecode': [{'name': 'Environment and natural resources management', 'code': '11'}, {'name': '', 'code': '11'}], 'url': '', 'source': ['IBRD'], 'lendinginstrumenttypename': 'Investment', 'productlinetypename': 'LENDING PRODUCT', 'region_code': '3', 'regionabbr': 'EAP', 'regionlongname': 'East Asia and Pacific', 'regionlongname_exact': 'East Asia and Pacific', 'ibrd_cmt_usd_amt': '0.00', 'ibrd_cmt_usd_amt_mil': '0.00', 'ida_cmt_usd_amt': '0.00', 'ida_cmt_usd_amt_mil': '0.00', 'ibrd_ida_commits': '0.00', 'ibrd_ida_commits_mil': '0.00', 'grant_usd_amt': '3600000.00', 'grant_usd_amt_mil': '3.60', 'cmt_usd_amt': '3600000.00', 'cmt_usd_amt_mil': '3.60', 'implementingname': 'DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL PARKS WILDLIFE AND PLANT CONSERVATION', 'projectcost': '3980000.00', 'borrowername': 'GOVERNMENT OF THAILAND', 'projectid': 'P130115', 'prodcode': 'RE', 'statusdate': '1900-01-01T00:00:00Z', 'laststatusdate': '1900-01-01T00:00:00Z', 'overall_templatecode': ['NIL'], 'overall_templatename': ['NIL'], 'overall_prevrating': ['NIL'], 'overall_currentrating': ['NIL'], 'overall_comments': ['NIL'], 'performance_templatecode': ['NIL'], 'performance_templatename': ['NIL'], 'performance_prevrating': ['NIL'], 'performance_currentrating': ['NIL'], 'performance_comments': ['NIL'], 'completion_riskdo': ['NIL'], 'evaluation_riskdo': ['NIL'], 'mequality': ['NIL'], 'totalcommamt': '3,600,000', 'totalcommamt_srt': '3.6', 'indextype': 'extprojdetails', 'timestamp': '2021-05-05T01:03:05.038Z', 'indicatormappingdata': '', 'indicatormappingdata_FRE': '', 'indicatormappingdata_POR': '', 'indicatormappingdata_SPA': '', 'indicatormappingdata_CHI': '', 'indicatormappingdata_RUS': '', 'indicatormappingdata_ARA': '', '_version_': '1698879494782189568'}

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