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UNICEF RFP-DAN-2021-503365 for Micro Nutrient Powders (MNPs) and Therapeutic Complex of Minerals and Vitamins (CMV) Pharmaceutical & Medical UNICEF RFP-DAN-2021-503365 for Micro Nutrient Powders (MNPs) and Therapeutic Complex of Minerals and Vitamins (CMV)
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UNICEF RFP-DAN-2021-503365 for Micro Nutrient Powders (MNPs) and Therapeutic Complex of Minerals and Vitamins (CMV)

United Nations Capital Development Fund has announced on 22 Jul 2021 that is accepting bids for the following project: UNICEF RFP-DAN-2021-503365 for Micro Nutrient Powders (MNPs) and Therapeutic Complex of Minerals and Vitamins (CMV).

The tender will take place in Costa Rica and will cover the Pharmaceutical & Medical industry.

The value of this project has not been disclosed by the donor and you can apply until Deadline date

After the deadline, Global Database will announce the contract award for UNICEF RFP-DAN-2021-503365 for Micro Nutrient Powders (MNPs) and Therapeutic Complex of Minerals and Vitamins (CMV). In order to stay up-to-date with this tender and also to receive daily notifications about similar projects, you can subscribe to our newsletter for free.

Bellow you can find more information about the tender description and the bidding procedure.

Location: Costa Rica, Eritrea, Cambodia, Turkey, Chad, Cyprus, Côte d'Ivoire, Samoa, Slovenia, Cayman Islands and other 167 countries

General information


United Nations Capital Development Fund


Pharmaceutical & Medical


Accepting bids



22 Jul 2021


16 Aug 2021


Not available



Tingyun Ji


Not available



Commercial Document Submission: 

1. The offer (excluding technical documentation) must be submitted to the following email:

Offers sent to any other email will be invalidated. Do not send general queries to this email. Only offers in USD or EUR will be accepted.

2. The subject line of the e-mail should include the bid number i.e. RFP-DAN-2021-503365

3. Attachments to be maximum twenty five (25) megabytes per email and submitted in PDF format

Larger attachments and attachments other than PDF format will not be accepted

4. No other recipient should be "cc" or "bcc" in the email submission

Offers must be received by latest 23.59 hours (Copenhagen time) on 16 August 2021, and will be open on 20 August 2021.

RFP 503365 seeks to secure a reliable supplier base capable of meeting strict quality requirements at competitive prices and able to respond to emergency requests. As a result of this tender UNICEF intends to award Long Term Arrangements (LTA) for 2 years (with a possible renewal for 3 additional periods of 12 months) to 5-7 suppliers in different geographical locations, having sufficient capacity and dedicated production facilities to meet global needs with a quality and competitive product.  UNICEF encourages manufacturers to make MNPs more sustainable by reducing packaging waste.

Please note:

It is anticipated that MNP procurement will stabilize at between 15-25 million packs per year on average over the next few years. Thus, the forecast for the 2-years tender period is 45 million packs of MNPs.

Procurement of Therapeutic CMV has been more ad hoc, fluctuating around 300-500 cartons per year.  

Webinars to explain the tender process and respond to questions will be scheduled on two different days and times to suit as much as possible the time zones you are located in.  Attached are the calendar invitations to book one of the webinars in your calendar. Please click “Copy to My Calendar”.

Tuesday 27 July 2021 14:00-15:00 Copenhagen time – link to join the webinar:

Wednesday 28 July 2021 10:00-11:00 Copenhagen time – link to join the webinar:


  1. Solicitation document RFP 503365
  2. Product specifications in pdf format
  3. Artwork for standard MNPs label
  4. Instructions for uploading technical documents
  5. QA-NFOS F1.1-2 rev 12.1 agg Interagency Food Questionnaire
  6. QA- NFOS F1.1—1 Interagency Manufacturers Questionnaire
  7. Technical Questionnaire for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  8. Interagency requirements for stability studies for specialised food
  9. Link to technical requirements for pharma products
  10. Link to July 2021 MNP Supply & Market Update

Technical documentation Submission:

You are required to submit the Interagency Food Product and the relevant Interagency Manufacturer Questionnaire attached by no later than 16 August 2021. Instructions on how to upload technical documents are attached.

In order to set up SharePoint folders for submission of Technical documents only, please request a link to be sent to you by writing to , and indicate the products that will be included in your offer.    


Samples are required for this solicitation process. Please send for evaluation:

  • for MNPs: 3 packs/pouches (of 30 sachets each) for each  material for which you are submitting an offer
  • for CMV: 1 can

Samples should be marked as having $0 value for customs clearing purposes and addressed to:

Durga Khatiwada

Medicines and Nutrition Center

UNICEF Supply Division

Oceanvej 10-12

2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen


Please note that extension of submission of the Technical Documents only may be given upon written request (requests to be sent to

Clarification or questions regarding the attached RFP document may be sought in writing to:

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