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Vietnam- FCPF REDD Readiness Paper, Wood & Furniture Vietnam- FCPF REDD Readiness
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Vietnam- FCPF REDD Readiness

Location: Vietnam

General information


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Paper, Wood & Furniture


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31 Dec 2023


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Lan Thi Thu Nguyen


Not available

{'id': 'P124584', 'regionname': 'East Asia and Pacific', 'regionname_ES': 'Asia oriental y el Pacífico', 'regionname_FRE': "Asie de l'Est et Pacifique ", 'regionname_ARA': 'شرق آسيا والمحيط الهادئ', 'regionname_RUS': 'Восточная Азия и Тихоокеанский регион', 'regionname_CHI': '东亚与太平洋区', 'countryname': ['Socialist Republic of Vietnam'], 'countryname_mdk': '82695', 'prodline': 'RE', 'lendinginstr': 'Investment Project Financing', 'lendinginstrcode': 'IPF', 'lendinginstrtype': 'IN', 'lendinginstrtype_mdk': '639291', 'envassesmentcategorycode': 'B', 'supplementprojectflg': 'N', 'productlinetype': 'L', 'projectstatusdisplay': 'Pipeline', 'status': 'Pipeline', 'status_ES': 'Propuesto', 'status_FRE': 'Proposé', 'status_ARA': 'قيد الإعداد', 'status_RUS': 'В стадии разработки', 'status_CHI': '准备中的项目', 'pidrecdbwind': 'N', 'secboardcode': 'ENV', 'secboardcode_mdk': '647637', 'project_name': 'Vietnam- FCPF REDD Readiness', 'board_approval_month': 'December', 'board_approval_year': '2023', 'approvalfy': '2024', 'boardapprovaldate': '2023-12-31T00:00:00Z', 'lendprojectcost': '8,630,000', 'ibrdcommamt': '0', 'idacommamt': '0', 'totalamt': '0', 'grantamt': '8,630,000', 'teammemfullname': ['Nguyen, Lan Thi Thu'], 'sectorlist': {'Name': 'SECTOR1', 'Percent': 0}, 'themelist': {'Name': 'THEME1', 'Percent': 0}, 'goal1name': 'Millennium Development Goals|Global Public Goods Priorities', 'goal': ['Millennium Development Goals|Global Public Goods Priorities', 'MDG|GPG'], 'goal1': 'MDG|GPG', 'access_level': 'EXTERNAL', 'countrycode': ['VN'], 'countryshortname': 'Vietnam', 'countryshortname_exact': 'Vietnam', 'countryshortname_ES': 'Viet Nam', 'countryshortname_FRE': 'Viet Nam', 'countryshortname_ARA': 'فييتنام', 'countryshortname_RUS': 'Вьетнам', 'countryshortname_CHI': '越南', 'countryshortname_POR': 'Vietnã', 'loanid': ['A1122'], 'prodlinetext': 'Recipient Executed Activities', 'prodlinetext_mdk': '904549', 'mjthemelist': {'Name': 'MJTHEME1', 'Percent': 0}, 'themecode': '81', 'sectorcode': 'AT', 'mjthemecode': '11,6', 'fiscalyear': '0', 'teamleadname': 'Lan Thi Thu Nguyen', 'team_lead_details': ['000186457$Lan Thi Thu Nguyen$'], 'project_gp_info': 'ENVP', 'p2a_flag': 'Y', 'p2a_updated_date': '2020-12-14 00:00:00.0', 'mainloan': 'N/A', 'countryhomepageurl': '', 'regionhomepageurl': '', 'rel_loan_ids': ['TF13447, TFA1122'], 'ln_country_id': ['VN'], 'ln_country_id_exact': ['VN'], 'countryid': ['VN'], 'countryid_exact': ['VN'], 'ln_country_id_desc': ['Vietnam'], 'ln_country_id_desc_exact': ['Vietnam'], 'countryiddesc': ['Vietnam'], 'countryiddesc_exact': ['Vietnam'], 'proj_and_ln_country': ['VN'], 'proj_and_ln_country_exact': ['VN'], 'pdo': 'Task Description The task is to assist the FCPF REDD Country Participant to formulate its Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP), prepare for REDD Readiness by carrying out the preparation activities outlined in the R-PP, and potentially participate in future REDD carbon payment transactions. Board Schedule Comments', 'proj_last_upd_date': '2021-04-19T00:00:00Z', 'country_namecode': 'Socialist Republic of Vietnam!$!VN', 'projectinfo': 'ARفييتنام - التأهب لمبادرة خفض الانبعاثات الناجمة عن إزالة الغابات وتدهورها من صندوق الشراكة للحد من انبعاثات كربون الغاباتESViet Nam: Proyecto de Preparación para el Programa de Colaboración de las Naciones Unidas para Reducir las Emisiones debidas a la Deforestación y la Degradación Forestal en los Países en Desarrollo (REDD) del Fondo Cooperativo para el Carbono de los Bosques (FCPF)FRViet Nam : Appui à la préparation REDD (FCPF)PRVietname: Prontidão REDD do FCPFRSВьетнам: Готовность в рамках FCPF REDD ZH越南森林碳伙伴基金(FCPF)减排(REDD)准备项目]]>', 'sector': [{'Name': 'Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'sector1': {'Name': 'Forestry', 'Percent': 100}, 'sector_namecode': [{'name': 'Forestry', 'code': 'AT'}], 'mjsector': [{'Name': 'Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'mjsector_namecode': [{'name': 'Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry', 'code': 'AX'}], 'theme1': {'Name': 'Climate change', 'Percent': 100}, 'theme_namecode': [{'name': 'Climate change', 'code': '81'}], 'mjtheme_namecode': [{'name': 'Environment and natural resources management', 'code': '11'}, {'name': '', 'code': '6'}], 'url': '', 'source': ['IBRD'], 'totalcommamt': '8,630,000', 'totalcommamt_srt': '8.63', 'indextype': 'extprojdetails', 'timestamp': '2021-05-05T00:30:38.92Z', 'projectid': 'P124584', '_version_': '1698877632428376064'}

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